Environmental Law Brazil Program Testimonials 1

Environmental Law Brazil Program Testimonials 2
Professors and students
in Rio de Janeiro.

Each country's environmental policies affect every one of us on some level.
– Cari Rincker '07

The opportunity to come to Pace Law School and take the LL.M. in Environmental Law was a perfect match for me, since Pace has a strong environmental law program and since Pace was in its second year of an agreement with my office, the Attorney General's Office for the City of Rio de Janeiro.
– Rose Cerbino, LL.M. '04

Studying at a school that is renowned for its Environmental Law Program is what brought me to Pace and I would certainly recommend Pace to other Brazilian students. I found the faculty and staff at Pace extremely helpful and enjoyed the experience of meeting and working with Pace professors.
– Maria Izabel de Brito, LL.M. '05  

One of the great parts about studying at Pace was the possibility of establishing such a close relationship with so many highly qualified professors. Pace provided tremendous opportunities to work together with the faculty and discuss relevant legal issues. In my case it made a big difference in helping me complete my LL.M. Now that I am back to working in a law firm in Rio de Janeiro, my contacts with the professors became a very interesting source of discussion of the legal issues related to the environment, both in the U.S. and internationally.
– Antonio Reis, LL.M. '06

As a whole, the program was incredibly interesting and informative, and is an experience that I am very satisfied that I participated in. The program has both renewed, and reaffirmed, my interest and commitment in international environmental law, and has provided me with multiple examples of different fields where I can put my education to good use.
– Kristen Cevoli, '08