Professional Development Program

All students are required to fulfill a Professional Development Requirement in order to graduate.  Students will satisfy the requirement by:

  • Attending at least one individual meeting with a counselor from the Center for Career and Professional Development (“CCPD”) during the first semester of their first year at the Law School,
  • Attending at least one in-office meeting with a CCPD counselor during their final year in law school, and
  • Earning six (6) professional development (“PD”) credits, in addition to their academic credits, before graduating from law school

Information for Student Organizations Looking to Have a PD Event

In order to be considered for Professional Development (“PD”) credit, a student-organized event must:

  • Submit the online application form at least two weeks before the date of event.
  • Meet one of the following criteria regarding content:
    • relate to law practice in a particular substantive area of law AND provide significant opportunities to network with practicing attorneys or members of the judiciary in that area of law, OR
    • provide training in a particular skill (or skills) highly relevant to the practice of law, OR
    • include members of the bar as participants and provide continuing legal education (CLE) credits for student and/or attorney participants.

Assign and identify a student who will be responsible for making available to student attendees a sign-in sheet at the event and for providing that sheet to the Office of Career and Professional Development (CCPD) upon completion of the program.

Additional program notes:

  • Each student group may only offer one PD Event per academic year
  • Student groups must use the appropriate sign in sheet (link above).  Credit will only be given to student who sign in AND out of the event.  Sign-in sheet must be submitted to the Center for Career and Professional Development within three business days of the event (either electronically or hard copy).


Should you have any questions, please contact Kapila Juthani in the CCPD.

PD Accredited Programs