Student and Campus Affairs

Students outside of Preston Hall

The Office of Student and Campus Affairs is responsible for a broad range of assistance to students throughout the year including student housing, counseling services, Pace's student health insurance, campus parking, dining services, student organizations, and even general questions about financial aid and student scholarships.

Students can visit the Office of Student and Campus Affairs if they:

  • have a question, concern or problem and you are unsure where to go, or with whom to speak
  • need to find out about services for students with disabilities and/or implementation of services
  • are having personal problems that may be affecting your academic performance
  • need to miss classes or an examination due to an illness or another personal problem
  • have questions about student insurance
  • are a member of a student organization and have questions about your budget or hosting an event
  • would like to post a notice to the community or want to publicize a school-sponsored activity on the law school calendar
  • have suggestions or ideas about improving student life and would like to talk about it
  • have financial aid concerns
  • would like to apply for endowed scholarship and upper level financial assistance
  • are in need of emergency loan money due to an extraordinary circumstance
  • need to apply for a leave of absence

Our staff is here to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed during their years at the Law School.