Faculty Focus

Faculty Focus is an ongoing series featuring members of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University faculty. Through candid interviews led by our law students, the series aims to provide insights into various careers in law, relay practical advice for law students, and give a glimpse into the work and interests of our esteemed faculty.

Professor Leslie TenzerProfessor Leslie Tenzer
Professor Leslie Tenzer started her journey at Haub Law in 1986 as a Lecturer of Law, before joining officially as a professor in 1990. Most recently, Professor Tenzer was named the Luk-Cummings Family Faculty Scholar (2021-2023) and the James D. Hopkins Professor of Law (2019-2021). Professor Tenzer's scholarship and teaching is known to bridge the worlds of theory and practice, most recently with a particular focus on regulating conduct in the digital age. Her other scholarly and research interests include constitutional regulation, criminal punishment for emotional harm, social media law, and affirmative action regulation. A favorite in the classroom, she has taught a number of courses during her tenure at Haub Law, including Commercial Law Article 2, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, and Social Media Law. In addition, Professor Tenzer is the host of two popular legal podcasts, Law to Fact, and Legal Tenzer: Casual Conversations on Noteworthy Legal Topics. When she isn't in the classroom, you can find Professor Tenzer staying active - whether it be through yoga, golf, and or even a mini-triathalon. Learn more about Professor Tenzer in this Q&A.

Professor Barbara AtwellProfessor Barbara Atwell
Professor Barbara Atwell joined the faculty at Haub Law in 1986. A health law teacher and scholar, she was also appointed as the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2009. Prior to joining Haub Law, she clerked in the sixth circuit and worked as an associate with Arnold and Porter. Now, in her 38th year of teaching at Haub Law, Professor Atwell enjoys all of the courses she teaches, with Bioethics and Medical Malpractice having a slight edge as her favorite. Learn more about Professor Atwell's journey to law, her scholarship, and things you may not know about her such as her passion for Feng Shui, in this Q&A.

Professor David DorfmanProfessor David Dorfman
Whether you walk into Professor Dorfman’s office or classroom, you will leave having learned more about the world and society then you even knew was possible. Professor David Dorfman has been a faculty member at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University for 28 years. When Professor Dorfman first started teaching at what was then known as Pace Law in 1995, he was teaching Criminal Law Research and Writing. Today, Professor Dorfman teaches Criminal Procedure and Investigation, First Year Criminal Law, and New York Criminal Procedure - a course he designed himself.  In the past he has also taught Lawyering and Professional Responsibility. In addition to his doctrinal teaching, Professor Dorfman has been running the Law School’s Criminal Defense Clinic since 2010. Learn more about Professor Dorfman’s background, legal journey, and more in this candid Q&A.

Professor Bridget CrawfordProfessor Bridget Crawford
Professor Bridget Crawford has been a professor at Haub Law since 2003 and was named a University Distinguished Professor in 2021, which is the highest honor the University can bestow upon a faculty member. Prior to joining the Haub Law faculty, she was a practicing attorney at Milbank LLP, where she specialized in taxation and estate planning. At Haub Law, Professor Crawford teaches Federal Income Taxation; Estate and Gift Taxation; Wills, Trusts and Estates; Tax Policy; Corporations & Partnerships; and Feminist Legal Theory. Professor Crawford is a leading authority on taxation, as well as feminist legal theory, and menstrual equity. A favorite in the classroom, she has also been honored multiple times by graduating students at Haub Law as Outstanding Professor of the Year, as well as recognized by her colleagues with Haub Law’s Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. Learn more about Professor Crawford in this Q&A.

Michelle SimonDean Emerita and Professor Michelle Simon
After taking the LSAT’s on a whim during her senior year in college, Professor Michelle Simon found her passion in the law immediately after starting law school at Syracuse University College of Law. Having spent time clerking and in private practice after law school, she was hired as a professor in 1985 by Pace Law’s first female dean, Janet Johnson. Twenty-two years later, Professor Simon would also serve as dean of the Law School, making her the third female dean in the school’s history. During this women’s history month, learn more about one of Haub Law’s female trailblazers, Dean Emerita and Professor of Law, Michelle Simon, in this candid Q&A.

Michael B. MushlinProfessor Michael B. Mushlin
Professor Michael B. Mushlin has been a professor at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University (then known as “Pace Law School”) since 1984. He teaches Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure Adjudication, Evidence, Federal Courts, and Prisoners’ Rights. After growing up in the south, and witnessing firsthand racism in America, Professor Mushlin decided to go to law school. Today, Professor Mushlin is a preeminent authority on prisoners’ rights, the author of the treatise, Rights of Prisoners, and a beloved professor. Learn more about him in this candid Q&A.

Lissa GriffinProfessor Lissa Griffin
Professor Lissa Griffin has been a faculty member at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University for 37 years and remains a fixture at the School. In 1985, Professor Griffin started working at what was then called “Pace Law” and today, she remains fully committed to the law school community. She teaches Professional Responsibility, Criminal Procedure – Adjudication, Comparative Criminal Procedure, and Evidence and is recognized for her scholarship in criminal procedure and comparative criminal procedure.  She is also a visiting professor at Birmingham City University School of Law in Birmingham, UK. Learn more about Professor Griffin’s background, travels, scholarly work, and more in this Q&A. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

Randolph McLaughlinProfessor Randolph McLaughlin
Professor, Civil Rights Attorney, Precedent Setter, Social Justice Advocate. Randolph McLaughlin has been a stalwart on the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University faculty since 1988, teaching civil procedure, torts, and labor law. He also co-chairs the Civil Rights Practice Group of Manhattan’s Newman Ferrara LLP, along with his wife Debra Cohen, an adjunct faculty member at the Law School and Haub Law graduate. Prior to all this, McLaughlin made a name for himself as a civil rights activist and at­torney, pioneering new legal strategies to address incidents of racism, voting rights litigation, and more. Now, some of the very cases and individuals that he represented are at the forefront of a feature film and forthcoming documentary. We sat down with Professor McLaughlin to discuss the influential impact he has had throughout his career and what the future may hold for civil rights attorneys. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

Katrina KuhProfessor Emily Waldman
Emily Waldman is a Professor & the Associate Dean for Faculty Development at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. She joined Haub Law in 2006 and teaches Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Law & Education, and Employment Law. Most recently, Professor Waldman co-authored the book “Menstruation Matters: Challenging the Law’s Silence on Periods,” with Professor Bridget Crawford. Learn more about her recent book, advice on clerkships, and more in this Q&A. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

Katrina KuhProfessor Katrina Kuh
An avid long-distance runner, Professor Katrina Kuh has loved the outdoors since she was a child. This passion for the outdoors turned into a passion for the environment, which led Professor Kuh to pursue her JD, and ultimately, a career in environmental law. Professor Kuh joined Haub Law in 2017 and is currently the Haub Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law and serves as the Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Hack Competition. She teaches Administrative Law, Environmental Survey, Climate Change Law, International Environmental Law, and Torts. Learn about Professor Kuh’s background, her thoughts on traveling, climate anxiety, and more in this candid Q&A. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

Jason J. CzarnezkiProfessor Jason Czarnezki
Jason J. Czarnezki is the Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law and the Associate Dean of Environmental Law Programs and Strategic Initiatives. Professor Czarnezki joined Haub Law in 2013, and teaches Natural Resources Law, Sustainable Business and the Environment, Property, and the Environmental Law Seminar: Current Challenges. Since he joined Haub Law, the environmental law program has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as number one in environmental law for the last two years in a row and for three times in the last four years. A generational environmentalist, learn about Professor Czarnezki’s recent research interests, his family full of outdoor enthusiasts, and more in this Q&A. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

Shelby GreenProfessor Shelby Green
Professor Shelby Green is the Susan Taxin Baer ’85 Faculty Scholar at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. She joined Haub Law in 1991 and teaches Property, Real Estate Transactions and Finance, Advanced Real Property, Historic Preservation, and Housing Development and Discrimination. In this edition of Faculty Focus, she talks about the many facets of property law and gives advice on staying positive in a polarized world. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

Bernard K. FreamonBernard K. Freamon
Bernard K. Freamon joins the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University faculty as a visiting professor for spring 2022, teaching Criminal Law and an Advanced Criminal Law Seminar on Slavery and Human Trafficking. A professor at Seton Hall Law School for 37 years, he achieved emeritus status when he retired in 2016. Professor Freamon's research and teaching interests focus on Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Legal History. Learn more about Professor Freamon, his current work, and his advice for law students interested in these particular areas of law in this student-led interview.

Josh GalperinProfessor Josh Galperin
Professor Josh Galperin joined the faculty of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University in 2021. He teaches Contracts, Environmental Skills, and Administrative Law. Professor Galperin also was in a band, likes to bake, and has great advice for law students. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.

David CassutoProfessor David Cassuto
Professor David Cassuto has been a faculty member with the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University since 2003. He teaches Animal Law, Environmental Survey, Constitutional Law, Property Law, Water Law, Comparative Environmental Law, and Professional Responsibility and is Director of the Brazil-American Institute for Law and Environment (BAILE). But what you might not know about Professor Cassuto may surprise you. Learn more in this candid student-led interview.