Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan borrowing is provided to members of the Pace Law School community (faculty, students and staff). If you need a book or journal article that is unavailable within the Pace University library system, we will attempt to borrow it from another library.

Who may submit an interlibrary loan request?

Interlibrary Loan services are only available to current Pace Law School students in good standing, faculty, faculty emeritus, and staff. Others must request service through their public library, academic library, or other library with which they are affiliated.

What can be requested through interlibrary loan?

Any type of library material needed for study, instruction, research or information may be requested through Interlibrary Loan. Monographs and articles are the most commonly requested materials. Members of the Pace Law School community may submit electronic requests for research materials that are not found in the Pace University catalog (if an item is checked out ask if it can be recalled), available online, or that are needed in hard copy. Full-text databases should also be checked for availability.

Although all requests are processed, it should be noted that most libraries will not lend unique or valuable materials, audiovisual materials, computer software, materials from reference or special collections or with local circulation restrictions, or entire periodical issues or volumes. Books must not be borrowed in lieu of buying textbooks or for semester-long reserve; Interlibrary Loans are intended for short-term use. There is no limit on the number of requests an individual may submit, and requests are usually processed in the order they are received. However, processing may be prioritized based on the number of requests from others.

Any restriction specified by a lending library, such as "For Use in Library Only," will be complied with by Pace Law Library without exception.

Note: Requests for photocopies will only be processed if they comply with U.S. copyright law (U.S.C. Title 17) and CONTU guidelines.

How do I submit an interlibrary loan request?

ILL requests are submitted electronically via ILLiad.

Before submitting a request, please search the Pace University online catalog, in order to verify unavailability of your materials at the Law Library or at either Pace University library.

Is there a charge for interlibrary loans?

Pace Law Library underwrites all costs for obtaining research materials, unless prohibitive. In that case, patrons will have the opportunity to assume responsibility for the costs. You are, however, responsible for any charges levied by a lending library for lost or damaged materials. Library privileges may be suspended, or student records may be withheld, for non-compliance.

How long does it take to obtain interlibrary loan items?

It generally takes from two to three weeks to obtain requested books and paper photocopies of articles from other libraries. Therefore, advance planning of research is essential. Electronic delivery of photocopies is always requested, but there is no assurance that the supplying library will be able to comply.

Please note, items requested via ILL may experience greater wait times since not all libraries are currently lending physical items. Additionally, all books received through ILL will be subject to a 72 hour quarantine depending on how long the item was in transit. Therefore, if you just need a chapter or a few pages from a book, we recommend that you request a scan rather than the entire book as scans will arrive faster.

How can I check the status of my request?

You can check the status of our request through ILLiad from any computer with Internet access by signing on to ILLiad through your account. To track your requests that have not yet been filled, click on “Outstanding Requests”’ for a list of ILL materials that you have checked out, click on “Checked Out Items”’ and to view a list of your completed ILL requests, click on the “History Requests.”

How will I be notified when my request arrives?

You will receive an e-mail message notifying you when materials arrive. Students can pick up books at the Circulation Desk during regular library hours. Books for faculty will be delivered to their faculty mailbox. Photocopies will be delivered electronically to your Pace Law email address.

Non-Pace Libraries, Organizations, and Individuals

Pace Law Library will accept Interlibrary Loan requests from any library including, but not limited to, academic, public, corporate, institutional, and law firm libraries. Requests may be made via OCLC, fax, or email.  Material will be loanded for a period of four weeks with a one two-week renewal on eligible items. WALDO consortium members and certain other libraries may borrow or lend materials directly when prior arrangements are made to hand-deliver request forms. Contact Alyson Carney, Public Services Assistant, 914-422-4137.

Pace Law Library is a reciprocal lender and will not charge libraries that do not charge for ILL services. Non-reciprocal and for-profit entities will be charge according to the schedule below.

  • Non-Reciprocal Academic & Public Libraries
    • Loan: $15.00
    • Photocopy: $5.00 per citation PLUS $1.00 per page
  • For-Profit Libraries / Law Firms
    • Loan: $15.00
    • Photocopy: $15.00 per citation PLUS $1.00 per page

Interlibrary Loan Department
Hours:  Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm
Phone:  914-422-4137
Fax:      914-422-4412