Professor David N. Cassuto, an expert in environmental law specializing in international comparative law, water law, property law and animal law. Professor Cassuto has published a number of path-breaking works in the field of environmental and cultural studies. He speaks frequently on these topics in both North America and South America.

Professor Romulo S.R. Sampaio, an expert in issues relating to climate change, carbon sequestration and biofuels. He has also published in both Brazil and the United States on issues of international environmental law.

Additional Faculty in US:

Professor Karl Coplan, co-director of the Environmental Litigation Clinic and an expert in the Clean Water Act; 

Professor Nicholas Robinson, a founder and leader in the field of international environmental law; 

Joseph Siegel, a senior attorney with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency specializing in Clean Air Act litigation; 

Marla Wieder, an expert in the regulation of hazardous substances and an Assistant Regional Counsel with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;

Richard Ottinger, Dean Emeritus of the Law School, former member of Congress and founder of the Pace Law School Energy Project; 

Professor Ann Powers, who has been published widely on water law, coastal resources and the law of pollution; 

Professor John Nolon, internationally acclaimed scholar and founder of the Pace Land Use Law Center; 

Professor John Humbach, a highly regarded scholar in the fields of property law and legal ethics