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BAILE Mission

BAILE’s mission is to work for the improvement of environmental protection and sustainable social and economic development. It aims to foster more effective environmental laws, business practices and economic incentives as instruments of environmental policy through research, education, advocacy and consultancy.

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BAILE Work and Goals

Our Work and Goals:
The Institute encourages international cooperation to stimulate and refine progressive environmental law and policy in both countries. We bring people together to learn how to make their organizations and the world more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. By sustainable, we mean being able to generate, protect and regenerate the natural, social, and economic resources required for short and long-term prosperity that meets the needs not only of the present, but also of future generations. Towards that end, we focus on the following goals and actions as elements of our comprehensive plan:

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BAILE Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy: We develop comparative law and policy programs for Brazilian and American jurists, attorneys, judges, public prosecutors, corporations, NGOs and regulators. The goal is to facilitate the development and implementation of environmentally sound laws& policies and to contribute to the creation of a more predictable and ecologically viable environment for commerce between and within the two countries;