Brazil-American Institute for Law and Environment (BAILE)



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The Brazil-American Institute for Law and Environment (BAILE) is a non-profit research, teaching and policy center dedicated to building and fostering the relationship between the United States and Brazil in their shared goal of environmental protection and sustainable development. BAILE’s mission is to work to improve environmental protection and to foster more effective environmental laws through research, education and advocacy. The Institute encourages international cooperation to stimulate and refine progressive environmental law in both countries.

BAILE is housed and supported by Pace Law School – a proud member of the Brazil-American Chamber of Commerce – in New York. Through BAILE, Pace offers a unique combination of classroom and field training. Pace has extensive relationships with many Brazilian law schools and universities, allowing us to engage our students in research and exchanges with our partner schools in Brazil. Each year, students travel to Brazil to experience the environmental issues they have studied in the classroom first hand. Students visit one of the many unique environmental regions of Brazil and attend legal meetings in Rio de Janeiro and other parts of the nation.

BAILE, Pace, and their partners in Brazil look forward to continuing to enhance the understanding of critical issues surrounding sustainability, economics, and environmental law. We welcome your participation in our efforts.