Welcome Letter from the Dean for Student and Campus Affairs

Dear Students:

As the Dean for Student and Campus Affairs, I am responsible for ensuring that your non-academic needs are met during your time in residence.  My department supervises and oversees programs and services such as residential life, the dining hall, financial aid, the campus store, transportation, student organizations, disability issues, disciplinary and grievance issues, and health services and counseling.

The Pace Community has a tradition of academic excellence. The mission statement of the law school embraces the core values of the institution: to provide access to education to all populations, to promote excellence in teaching, to foster research and innovation, and to provide service to those in need. These goals are achieved in a cooperative and supportive environment.

As you progress through the program, your commitment and your dedication to personal and academic excellence will be tested. In choosing law, you have chosen a noble profession dedicated to serving those in need, and you have all made a life-long commitment to legal education.

I hope to meet each of you as the year progresses. On behalf of the faculty and staff, good luck!


Angela M. D'Agostino, Esq.
Dean for Student and Campus Affairs
(914) 422-4146