General Policies

Food and beverages are permitted in the Law Library. Please clean up after yourself and put food garbage in the receptacles outside the entrance to the Library. Smoking and pets are prohibited. Seeing eye dogs and dogs assisting hearing impaired patrons are, of course, permitted in the Law Library.
General Policies

Charging Stations

The Law Library has two charging stations. A charging locker is located on the  second floor of Gerber Glass and a non-lockable charging station is on the third floor. The Circulation Desk has common charging cables available for check out. 

Pace Law Library assumes no liability for lost/stolen/damaged devices.

You are responsible for remembering your lock code.

The Library is not responsible for any device left in any charging station.

Lockers are only for use by affiliates of Haub Law School and Pace University.

Lockers may only be used to store electronic devices while they are charging. Other items are subject to removal by Library staff members.

We reserve the right to remove devices that have been in the lockers for more than 8 hours.

Bring any issues or questions concerning the charging lockers to the attention of a Library staff member, or email For any issues after the Library has closed, please contact security.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are held regularly. When the fire alarm sounds, all Library patrons are to leave the building immediately through the nearest emergency exit. Do not use the elevators. Fire exits are located in the northwest corner of stack levels 1 through 5, and in the southeast corner of stack levels 1 and 5. The fire exits on levels 1 and 3 also provide emergency egress from the Lower and Main Reading Rooms, respectively. All fire exits are connected to the Law Library security alarm system and are to be used only in an emergency or during a fire drill.

Lost and Found

Personal items found in the Library will be sent to the campus Security Office, located on the first floor of Preston Hall.

Misuse of Library Materials

The unavailability of Library materials is frustrating to all Library users. Therefore, please:

  • Take a few seconds to make sure that you are correctly reshelving books that you have used.
  • If you need to refer back to Library materials, make a photocopy or scan rather than hold the book.
  • Do not remove non-circulating books from the Library.

Occasionally, a Library user is tempted to steal a book or cut pages from a book. This is a crime and will be dealt with as such: non-lawyers will be prosecuted; lawyers and future lawyers will also be reported to the Bar Association for disciplinary action. Mutilation of Library materials is also a violation of the Pace Law School Honor Code. Those who mutilate Library materials will be billed for the actual cost of replacement.


The campus Security Office is located on the first floor of Preston Hall and may be reached by telephone at (914) 422-4111; there is a telephone at the Library entrance for this purpose.

Security should be contacted in the event of any emergency such as fire, flood, medical, theft, assault, etc.

The Law Library is not responsible for the personal belongings of its patrons. We urge all Library users to take care to keep items of value with them at all times. The Law School does not tolerate abusive or harassing behavior. Please bring any complaints of this nature to the Library staff's attention as soon as possible.

Please report any thefts and/or people acting suspiciously to the Reference Librarian on duty or to the Circulation Desk attendant as soon as possible.

Services for Persons with Disabilities

  • Parking: Handicapped spaces are available in several areas on campus.  The closest spaces to the Library are in front of the Glass Building on the ground floor, in front of Preston Hall, and behind the Dannat Hall dorm.
  • Building Access: An automatic door on the ground level of the Glass Building enables wheelchair entry. An elevator from that point goes up to the building's lobby and all floors of the Glass Building, including the Library stacks located on the first floor. There is an automatic door from the lobby into the Library, and an additional automatic door aids access to the main floor (stack level 3). An interior elevator within the Library provides wheelchair access to all five stack levels.
  • Library Accommodations: Students with disabilities should direct their requests for accommodations to the Pace University Coordinator for Disabled Students (914-773-3710). Once proper documentation has been submitted, a Disability Coordinator will decide what accommodations will be made. The Library will provide the accommodations specified by the Coordinator for Disabled Students.
  • Subject to staffing constraints, a member of the Circulation Department will assist in retrieving Library materials for patrons with disabilities. Restrooms equipped for wheelchair access are located on the main floor (stack level 3).

Talking and Cell Phone Use

The law library is a place for quiet study, so please keep talking to as low a voice as possible. please take all cell phone calls in the lobby outside of the Library entrance.