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The Land Use Stabilization Wedge Strategy: Shifting Ground to Mitigate Climate Change

Climate Change & Sustainable Development: The Quest for Green Communities, Part I


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LULA Community Spotlight
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The Town of Clarkstown in Rockland County, New York has taken an innovative approach towards the wholesale revision of its Comprehensive Plan. According to Jose Simoes, Clarkstown’s Town Planner, “after the 1999 updating of the town’s 1966 Comprehensive Plan, we realized that it was time to start over” and create a Comprehensive Plan that was better equipped to help the community achieve its long term planning needs. With the help of the LULA training program, Clarkstown’s land use planners have been able to achieve this goal by developing a unique comprehensive plan that should be celebrated for realizing the benefits of an efficient, environmentally sound design, maximizing the use of town-wide resources, and embracing the value of a grassroots approach in their use of collaborative decision making techniques.  Read more...

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New Land Use Leadership Alliance Informational Brochure Released

Land Use Law Center Publication Becomes one of the Top 10 Downloaded Articles for Sustainability Law & Policy

Land Use & Kheel Centers Welcome New Arrivals!

Environmental Law Review Publishes Kheel Special Edition
The Pace Environmental Law Review recently released Volume 27.1, a Kheel Center Special Edition entitled Environmental Interest Dispute Resolution: Changing Times-Changing Practice.  This themed issue is devoted to an examination of skills with which lawyers can equip themselves to meet the needs of a changing society whose legal system has traditionally been centered around an adversarial practice.  Read more and download articles from the edition…

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Local ADR Regulations for Land Use Disputes
Working in collaboration with the Consensus Building Institute, the Kheel Center has collected local laws and policies intended to encourage or require the non-adversarial resolution of land use and environmental disputes.  A very special thank you to all of you who contributed to this effort by telling us about efforts in your community and elsewhere.  To view these laws, collected by the Kheel Center from across the country: click here to view those categorized as “Alternative Dispute Resolution” or click here to view those categorized as “Pre-Application & Consensus Building.”

Sea Level Rise Adaptation
The Center has begun an initiative to collect local laws that explicitly address sea level rise adaptation.  These ordinances take varying approaches, including: mandatory sea level rise impact analysis for shoreline development, limitations on development and shoreline structures, and requirements that buildings be designed to incorporate relative sea level rise.  Click here to view our list of these regulations, soon to come to the Database.



Fourth Annual Conference on Trends in NYC Land Use & Real Estate Development

Financing Energy Efficiency: What’s Working, What’s Not and What’s New!
Hosted by ULI Westchester/Fairfield’s Sustainability Task Force

Nassau County Planning Federation Conference

District Energy Systems and Microgrids
A Pace Energy & Climate Center conference


New Round of Green Innovation Grant Program Funding Available
On September 29th, the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation announced a new round of funding for the Green Innovation Grant Program, which provides seed money for projects that spur green innovation, build green capacity, and facilitate technology transfer throughout New York State.  The Program will offer $15 million to municipalities, non-profits, and businesses seeking to implement progressive water conservation, energy efficiency, and environmental projects.  Applications are due December 3rd.   Click here for more information…

Funding Available for Sustainability and Energy Initiatives
The Clean Air – Cool Planet organization is accepting grant applications to its Community Catalyst Fund.  Round 1 grants will support community groups in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey focused on improving the environmental sustainability, health, and economic well-being of their communities through energy use reduction, public engagement, and the promotion of environmental stewardship.  The Fund will offer grants of $250 to $5,000.  There are no deadlines for grant submission; proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Click here for more information…