Publications & Resources

The pages listed below provide a series of resources for community leaders,students, practitioners, and academics.

Center Publications
To highlight the exciting work of the Center and address the interests of local leaders, students, practitioners, and academics, the Land Use Law Center produces a range of publications on key topics in land use, real estate, environmental law, and alternative dispute resolution.  Selected publications, including books, newsletters, and journal articles are available in hardcopy and PDF form.  For a complete list of publications by Professor Nolon, please see his faculty page.

Scholarship of Land Use Law
A selection of articles published by the Center and its staff. When read together, they provide an overview of land use law and an exploration of how land use law can respond to critical social challenges and opportunities, including climate change and natural disaster mitigation, affordable housing, natural resource protection, and changing patterns of human settlements.

Gaining Ground Report
Provides additional publications by the Land Use Law Center, including reports on property rights and eminent domain; local inclusionary housing programs; climate Change, zoning and transportation planning; and disaster mitigation through land use strategies.

Gaining Ground Information Database
Features methods used by government to control the use of land in the public interest.  It includes a collection of exemplary federal, state, and local ordinances; commentaries; research papers; and research aids.

The Zoning School
A land use training program for local government officials.  Originally created by the Land Use Law Center in 1999, the program provides a self-certification program for local board members to satisfy their annual training requirement.

Related Links
Helpful links to outside resources of interest to local leaders, students, practitioners, and academics, including: General Resources; Legal Resources; Government Resources; Dispute Resolution Resources; Housing Resources; and Community Planning Resources.

What Is Land Use Law
This page offers a beginner’s guide to land use law.  Here you’ll find all the basic information you need, whether you’re seeking a road map to the American legal system used to control the private use of the land, or perhaps wondering how a developer got permission to develop a new condominium in your community, or why a neighbor is allowed to add an addition to the house next door.  The guide is suitable for interested students at any level, for foreign guests interested in the basics, or anyone else wondering about how land use in this country is controlled.

Onsite Energy and Microgrids with Combined Heat and Power
LULC is home to the US DOE’s New York New Jersey Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technical Assistance Partnership. As leading experts in CHP as well as microgrids, heat to power, and district energy the CHP TAPs work with sites to screen for CHP opportunities as well as provide advanced services to maximize the economic impact and reduce the risk of CHP from initial screening to installation.