Haub Law Announces Environmental Law Colloquium for Alumni in Brazil

February 23, 2018
image from Brazil

The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and the Brazil American Institute for Law & Environment (BAILE) is pleased to announce the first ever Environmental Law Colloquium in Brazil for Haub Law alumni and friends, which will be held on March 2 in Sao Paolo at Martinelli Advogados.  The Colloquium, organized by Haub SJD graduate Juliana Marcussi (2017), and sponsored by Martinelli Advogados, will feature panels on important bilateral environmental issues of the day, ranging from animal rights through ecotourism.  The Colloquium will also feature Pace Professors David Cassuto, Claudia Green, Nicholas Robinson and Cecilia Caldeira. Brazilian environmental law experts will join these professors to discuss environmental rights, ecotourism, and other themes. In addition to fostering wide-ranging discussions on important topics, the Colloquium will also create a forum for Pace alumni going back several decades to meet, network, and collaborate.  The Law School has more than fifty Brazilian alumni who work in all areas of Brazil’s legal system — from the federal judiciary through the private sector.  No other American law school can boast of such a deep connection with Brazil and its legal system.

”Pace’s environmental law program has been tremendously enriched by its relationship with Brazil and by our many wonderful Brazilian students and alumni,” said Professor David Cassuto, who is the Director of BAILE.  “BAILE grew out of an already deep relationship with Brazilian law students and lawyers and it continues to grow and thrive in both countries.”   

BAILE is a non-profit research, teaching and policy center dedicated to building and fostering the relationship between the United States and Brazil in their shared goal of environmental protection and sustainable development. The Institute encourages international cooperation to stimulate and refine progressive environmental law in both countries. Through BAILE, Pace offers a unique combination of classroom and field training. Pace has extensive relationships with many Brazilian law schools and universities, allowing us to engage our students in research and exchanges with our partner schools in Brazil. Each year, students travel to Brazil to experience the environmental issues they have studied in the classroom first hand. Students visit one of the many unique environmental regions of Brazil and attend legal meetings in Rio de Janeiro and other parts of the nation.

“Haub Law is proud to have alumni in Brazil and around the world,” said Cecilia Caldeira, Director of Graduate Programs and International Affairs. “This is a great opportunity for our alumni and participants in the colloquium to highlight their current research topics and to gain exposure to other areas of research,”

In addition to providing networking opportunities, the Colloquium will also feature dedicated presentations on Environmental Law themes by the participants. Panel themes include National Implementation of International Principles of Environmental Law, Animal Rights – Animal Welfare, Personhood and Ethics Under the American and Brazilian Laws, and The Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Anthropocene – Payment for Ecosystem Services. Panelists include Professors Nick Robinson, Felipe Dias, David Cassuto, Tagore Trajano, Claudia Green, and Juliana Marcussi. Following the panels and presentation of theses and dissertations, there will be a reception for all participants.   

Haub Law’s Environmental Law Program is internationally recognized and ranked third in the nation by “US News &World Report.” It is one of the premiere environmental law programs in the country.


About Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law, (Haub Law) offers J.D. and Masters of Law degrees in both Environmental and International Law, as well as a series of joint degree programs including a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) in Environmental Law. The school, housed on the University’s campus in White Plains, NY, opened its doors in 1976 and has over 8,500 alumni around the world. The school maintains a unique philosophy and approach to legal education that strikes an important balance between practice and theory. For more information visit http://law.pace.edu.

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