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Cathy Alexander

  • Assistant Dean for Admissions
Cathy Alexander

Tracey Alter, Esq.

  • Director of Family Court Legal Program (FCLP)
  • Women's Justice Center

Arianne Andrusco

  • Director, Development and Alumni Relations
Arianne Andrusco
Preston 310

Evelyn Ashworth

  • Senior Law Admissions Counselor
Evelyn Ashworth, Senior Law Admissions Counselor


Joy Beane

  • Co-Director, Federal Judicial Honors Program
Preston Hall, 201

Jackie Benaroch

  • IT Service Supervisor - Law
Aloysia, 302

Elizabeth Best, Esq.

  • Site Supervising Attorney
  • Yonkers Family Court Legal Program
  • Women's Justice Center

Rex Bossert

  • Media Relations
Rex Bossert
Preston Hall, 306

Thomas Bourgeois

  • Deputy Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center

Natanya Briendel

  • Director, Westchester Division, Women's Justice Center