Thomas Bourgeois

  • Director for Policy Research


Masters in Regional Planning, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and has completed all Ph.D. coursework and qualifying examinations in Managerial Economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI, Troy NY).

Tom Bourgeois: Director for Policy Research at the Land Use Law Center and Director of U.S. Department of Energy’s New York/New Jersey Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership (“NY/NJ CHP TAP” 2018 to present). He was Co-Director of US DOE’s Northeast CHP Technical Assistance Partnership, covering New York and the New England States, from 2013-2017. As a principal investigator (PI) or as research sub-contractor, Tom has authored and co-authored dozens of reports on energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, Combined Heat & Power, microgrids and analyses of benefits and barriers to Distributed Energy Systems of all forms He’s focused on optimizing incentive designs, creating market rules and regulatory frameworks to accelerate investment in onsite energy technologies, systems, and districts. For more than two decades he has collaborated with energy users, business and industry representatives, policy makers, environmental and community organizations and across multiple forums. His recent work includes traditional and hybrid microgrids, community (district) geothermal heat pump systems and thermal networks, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA). He is co-author of Controlled Environment Agriculture: Growing Local Food, Capturing Carbon with Flexible Onsite Power and Advanced Controls (ACEEE 2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings August 2022). He was Co-Principal Investigator and Co-Author of Overcoming Legal and Regulatory Barriers to District Geothermal in New York State, NYSERDA Final Report | Report Number 21-22 | June 2021.