Training, Outreach, and Education

Pace Women's Justice Center

The Pace Women’s Justice Center provides free legal training and information sessions throughout New York State.  Annually over 14,000 people are reached with PWJC training and outreach events.  More than 1350 individuals, over the course of a year, participate in legal training, including community members, educators, professionals, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judiciary, including events designed to provide professional education credits across NYS.  PWJC also organizes and participates in over 50 community outreach events annually, providing bi-lingual information and opportunities to speak to an attorney free of charge.  

For more information contact our Director of Training, Outreach, and Education or call 914-422-4069.

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Community Conversations

Our community conversations offer general information on your legal rights relating to divorce, custody, support, healthy relationships, domestic violence, Title IX, sexual assault or elder abuse.  They are available for any non-professional community organization, including student groups, civic associations, parent groups, book groups, or any group of concerned community members.  See sample topics here   

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Our seminars for professionals are geared towards professional organizations and individuals that may come into contact with clients experiencing issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse, and human trafficking. We inform on ways to identify and prepare in the event you encounter someone who may need our assistance.  Additionally, we review accessible legal resources and provide best practices and practical approaches to use. These are available to varied organizations including social workers, medical staff, educators, library staff, senior activity centers, daycare staff, etc.).  See sample topics here.   

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Our training modules are created for professionals in advocacy and law enforcement including legal and judiciary positions. With a focus on professionals in legal-related fields, they provide best practices, practical approaches, and legal training surrounding issues with domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse, and human trafficking.  Additionally, the training modules offer guidance and education in identifying potential victims, providing them with trauma-informed assistance, and developing a coordinated community response. See sample topics here.

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Focused on areas outside of Westchester County and NYC, these training modules address issues from a systemic perspective, develop advocacy, and are offered statewide.  Training can be coordinated to provide professional credits.  This training is not limited to the State of New York.  For further information or to schedule a specialty training please email:

To schedule an event for your organization please fill out our Training & Event Request Form

If you are interested in learning more about these free legal training and outreach events email  Susan Carroll, Esq., Director of Training and Outreach

To access our resource list of brochures and hear about each of our programs visit our resources page.