The Role of Lawyers in Resolving Environmental Interest Disputes
By John R. Nolon and Jessica A. Bacher
Written for Publication in the Real Estate Law Journal (October 2008)

The 2009-2010 Special Edition of the Pace Environmental Law Review
This publication is dedicated to the Kheel Center's efforts and includes the following articles by scholars, practitioners, and students:


Theodore W. Kheel: An Exemplar for Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Pioneer in Environmental Interest Disputes, by John D. Feerick

Changing Times—Changing Practice: New Roles for Lawyers in Resolving Complex Land Use and Environmental Disputes, by John R. Nolon and Jessica Bacher

Environmental Dispute Resolution in the Law School Curriculum, by Jill I. Gross and Alexandra Dapolito Dunn

Effective Representation of Clients in Environmental Dispute Resolution, by Gail Bingham, Pamela Esterman, and Christopher Riti

The Lawyer as Process Advocate: Encouraging Collaborative Approaches to Controversial Development Decisions, by Sean F. Nolon

Citizen Participation in the Making of Environmental Decisions: Evolving Obstacles and Potential Solutions through Partnership with Experts and Agents, by Marc B. Mihaly

Preserving the Public Interest Through the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Utility Retail Rate Cases, by James M. Van Nostrand and Erin P. Honaker

Collaborative Decision Making on Climate Change in the Federal Government, by Joseph A. Siegel


Climate Change Framing and Social Marketing: The Influences that Persuade, by Edna Sussman


An End to Grazing Lease Litigation: An Examination of Alternative Dispute Resolution Schemes that Could Resolve the Overgrazing Dispute on State and Federally Owned Rangelands in the Western United States, by Jamie Ryan Pool


The Long Island City Power Outage Settlement: A Case Study in Alternative Dispute Resolution, by Eleanor Stein

Atlantic Yards Community Benefit Agreement: A Case Study of Organizing Community Support for Development, by Nathan Markey

Avoiding Further Conflict: A Case Study of the New York City Watershed Land Acquisition Program in Delaware County, NY, by Jennifer Church