PWJC S.I.P. Event Series 2021


March 11, April 8, April 28


A year ago, our S.I.P. events began as a way to connect while we all "sheltered in place."  While some restrictions have been lifted, many remain and we find ourselves "still in place."  Join us for our S.I.P. Event series, and learn, engage, and experience community as we all are "still in place."




SIP 2021 Host Committee

  • March 11 @ 12:30PM Let's Talk About It - A live Q and A

    One year into the PANDEMIC - where do you turn for HELP? Join us for a panel discussion on how the criminal justice and civil justice systems interact to serve victims of violence, as well as barriers created by the COVID-19 quarantines for victims of abuse, and the measures taken to assist them across Westchester County. We'll focus on how victims of abuse can access help and the future implications of the pandemic for survivors of family violence. This event is sponsored by Sterling National Bank

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  • April 8 @ 12:30PM All Databases Are Incomplete - a monologue and a chat

    Trauma manifests itself differently for everyone, making it difficult for people who haven't experienced it to respond, help or understand, leading to the question "why didn't you leave?". Join us for an exclusive reading of CINDY L. COOPER's monologue, and gain insight on abuse through the experience of a victim. Followed by a live discussion on the impact of abuse patterns commonly referred to as coercive control.

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  • april 28 @ 8:00PM 'reconnected' mentalist show & "fun" raiser

    Interactive and mind-boggling, JASON SURAN, brings his jaw-dropping psychological illusions to us with his smash sold-out show 'RECONNECTED'. Sit back and join us for the evening to experience this Zoom phenomenon on the S.I.P. Series virtual stage. A fast-paced interactive show that leaves you "persistently dumbfounded."

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