Two Haub Law students receive scholarships from the Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation

April 20, 2021

The Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation has awarded scholarships to two students at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University.

The Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship is a scholarship in honor of WWBA founding member and past President Hon. Sondra M. Miller. As noted on the Foundation page, numerous factors are considered when choosing a recipient. Considerations include, “the applicant's history of community service, clinic involvement, ability to balance family and job-related responsibilities, academic record, ability to overcome personal adversity in pursuit of a legal career, and demonstrates a commitment to the Westchester County community.” This year, the Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship was awarded to Gabriela Tavarez. The Foundation noted that Gabriela was clearly the most highly qualified as she exemplified the qualities and values espoused by Judge Sondra Miller.

Gabriela notes that she applied for this scholarship because, “I believed in the organization's mission of empowering and advancing women's opportunities within the law.  Additionally, the financial aid will help me achieve my dream of being a lawyer become reality as I approach graduation in May.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was advised that I was the 2021 recipient for the Justice Sondra Miller Scholarship and I felt very grateful for the consideration in selecting me among multiple qualified applicants.”

A second scholarship was funded this year by the WWBAF, the WWBA Foundation Board Scholarship. Megan Farrell was awarded this scholarship. “Megan’s application was uniquely compelling and highly deserving of our financial support and recognition as the winner of the WWBA Foundation Board Scholarship,” notes Susan S. Brown, President of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association.

“I volunteered with the Westchester Women’s Bar Association in the past, and I worked for attorneys who were heavily involved with the Association. I have always admired the Association and was not at all surprised to see they were helping young professionals fund their education. I was raised by a single mother, and being able to access the level of education I have was made possible through financial scholarships and awards. The availability of resources through the WWBA is a great help. When I found out the Foundation was awarding me a scholarship, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I am keenly aware of the generosity the WWBA has shown me, and I am sincerely thankful. Knowing that there are established professionals who support and encourage education and career growth, inspires me to continue volunteering with the goal of eventually being able to show younger generations the generosity that was shown to me,” stated scholarship recipient Megan Farrell.

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