Two Haub Law Students Selected to Receive Westchester Women’s Bar Association Foundation Scholarships

June 1, 2023
Two students side by side

The Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation (WWBAF) has awarded scholarships to two students at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University.

The Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship is a scholarship in honor of WWBA founding member and past President Hon. Sondra M. Miller. The WWBA Foundation evaluates scholarship applicants on a number of criteria: community and/or public service, clinic and internship involvement, life balance, academic record, personal adversity in pursuit of a legal education and intent to make future contributions to Westchester County.  This year the WWBAF decided to award two Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarships, one to each Brittany Miraldi and Shelbire Pierre Paul.

“We receive a large number of high caliber applicants each year,” said Susan Corcoran, President of the WWBAF. “My personal lens that I use in my evaluation of applicants is to try to think about the values of the WWBA and Judge Miller, whose life work is the embodiment of the WWBAF mission. I review how the candidate in so many different ways has excelled  to make a difference in the classroom and community at large.”

This year, the WWBAF are  awarding two Justice Sondra Miller $5000 scholarship awards given its fundraising and the amazing accomplishments of the winners. “Both Brittany Miraldi and Shelbire Pierre Paul exhibit an extraordinary passion to help our community and have already made a positive impact in the legal field while balancing full-time employment,” said Corcoran. “Shelbire, who graduated this year, is the consummate mentor, leader, and advocate, who has achieved an amazing number of stand-out accomplishments in her law school experience that  ‘….promote the fair and equal treatment of all people in society, the workplace, schools and court system.’ Brittany, attending Haub Law as a part-time Flex student, works for Hope’s Door, a non-profit serving victims of domestic violence, and has demonstrated an equally extraordinary track record of using whatever little free time she has to mentor others, assist other non-profits, and excel in the classroom. We could not ask for two more perfect candidates to represent the values and life work of our own WWBAF member Justice Sondra Miller.” 

Brittany Miraldi, scholarship recipient, was overwhelmed with gratitude when she was notified she received this prestigious award. “Justice Miller is the epitome of shattering the glass ceiling and her many achievements and contributions to the legal community are inspiring,” said Brittany. “I am humbly aware that my place at the table in the legal community did not always exist, and because of women like Justice Miller, it now does. I am so fortunate to be connected to so many incredible people in this profession through the WWBA, and I believe strongly in the power of mentorship. I look forward to the ability to give back to my community and the next budding generation of lawyers.”

Recent Haub Law graduate and scholarship recipient, Shelbire Pierre Paul was drawn to apply for this scholarship because she admires the work the Foundation and Justice Sondra Miller have done in the community and the constant dedication to supporting women in the legal field. “Justice Sondra Miller has laid the foundation for what it means to be a successful and hardworking woman, which I work hard to embody,” said Shelbire. “I hope to accomplish many great things as Justice Sondra Miller has, and I look forward to furthering my career as an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County this Fall. I am honored and grateful to be a recipient this year.”

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