International Law Program

While a successful lawyer must necessarily be an expert in his or her own legal system, our increasingly interdependent world needs lawyers able to go beyond their own jurisdictions to succeed in international or transnational environments. The modern international lawyer must have a working knowledge of other legal systems, cultural sensitivity and language skills, plus the transactional and dispute-resolution competencies necessary to represent clients effectively in this ever-expanding field.

The international and comparative law program at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University is designed to prepare future international lawyers for success in the public and private spheres.

Students benefit from the distinguished credentials and professional achievements of the Pace Law faculty in areas as diverse as international arbitration, environmental regulation, international sales, trade law and human rights. An international law program of study at Pace Law might include a summer internship at a war-crimes tribunal or an externship placement in a US or overseas office of an international law firm.  Students may also compete against teams from around the world in some of the most prestigious moot court programs, as well as participate in lectures and panel discussions sponsored by the International Law Society. Students are responsible for editing the Pace International Law Review, which provides a forum for students, faculty, and outside scholars to publish their research on international topics.



Cecilia Caldeira

Director of Graduate Programs


Deborah Zipf