Fulbright Program

The Fulbright is the most prestigious scholarship offered by the government of the United States. Haub Law students interested in study and research abroad are strongly encouraged to consider applying for a Fulbright Grant. The Fulbright Grant may be used while still a law student, or following graduation. Given the prestige of the Fulbright Program, it is not uncommon for law firms or other employers to hold job offers open pending the return of a Fulbright recipient.

We are proud to report that a number of alumni and faculty have been awarded Fulbright Grants for study and research abroad.

  • Ira Seligman (JD ’10) traveled to Norway to study sustainable fishing policies.
  • Elaine Hsiao (JD ’09, LLM ’10) researched trans-boundary peace parks in Uganda.
  • Jorge Figueroa (JD ‘08) studied forest conservation in India.
  • Nicole Harkin (JD ’03) studied land-use law in Germany.

On the faculty, Professors David Cassuto, Linda Fentiman, John Nolon, and Alexander Greenawalt have all been past recipients of Fulbright Grants, and Lissa Griffin recently received a Fulbright Grant for the Spring of 2022.

Established in 1946, the Fulbright Program aims to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries, through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills.  The U.S. Student Program is designed to give recent bachelor’s degree graduates, master’s and doctoral candidates, (including law students) and developing professionals and artists, opportunities for international experience, personal enrichment and an open exchange of ideas with citizens of other nations. For an overview of the Fulbright Program in its entirety, including its history, mission and accomplishments, please refer to the Fulbright Program website.