Emojis in the Context of Domestic Violence

emojis in the context of domestic violence

Emojis are part of contemporary communication in the twenty-first century. The meaning of any emoji may depend on context, associated content, and the perceptions of the sender and reader. In the context of intimate partner violence, what types of emojis can be interpreted as harassment or threats? How can and do survivors and victims’ use emojis or other digital signals to convey the need for help? How do courts interpret evaluate emojis in the context of intimate relationships characterized by emotional or physical abuse?  How can support networks popularize emojis in order to increase awareness of intimate partner violence and support those who have experienced it? This webinar, Emojis in the Context of Domestic Violence, will answer these questions and more.

Inspired by Professor Leslie Tenzer’s and Ashley Cangro’s work, An Emoji Legal Dictionary, nationally recognized members of the panel will address important legal and practical considerations of the complexities associated with emojis . 

**Elisabeth Haub School of Law students receive 1 Professional Development Credit

Wednesday, April 27th  | 12:45 PM





Prof. TenzerProf. Leslie Y. Garfield Tenzer, is a Professor of law and Luk-Cummings Faculty Scholar at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law in White Plains, where she teaches Criminal, Tort, Contract, and Social Media Law. Author of several articles and host/producer of the Law to Fact podcast.  She is the author of several articles and a contributing editor to Matthew Bender Criminal Defense Techniques.  She regularly lectures nationally on issues relating to social media and contract law and is a motivational speaker for students interested in the study of law. 

Ashley CangroAshley Cangro,Haub Law J.D. Candidate 2022 is the co-author of the article, "An Emoji Legal Dictionary”. Following graduation, Ashley will be working as an Assistant District Attorney with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.


Susan CarrollSusan Carroll, PWJC Director of Outreach & Training is a former attorney with the Bronx District Attorney's office, Carroll is responsible for PWJC outreach and training programs, as well as being an integral part of the Westchester County High Risk Team and the lead attorney on PWJC Sexual Assault cases.


Karine Bah TaheKarine Bah Tahé is the founder and CEO of Blue Level, an international DEI training and consulting company. She has 10 years of experience in international journalism and training and development in North America and internationally on various topics including, diversity, equity, inclusion, sexual harassment prevention, cultural humility, and anti-racism. She has worked with executives, including foreign leaders, the diplomatic community, academic innovators, and business executives from a range of industries. 

Karine has worked and lived in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, India, and Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University, Certificates in Diversity and Inclusion and Strategic Human Resources Leadership from Cornell University, as well as an Executive Program Certificate in Human Resources from Stanford University.