ID Office/Parking

Law School ID Card

Prior to the start of school, all new students, new staff and new faculty should upload a photo to the online submission page by logging onto the link below. Your ID card is also used for meal plans, printing money and as a dorm swipe key for dorm students. 

By logging onto the link below (Blackboard e-Accounts) with your Pace Portal/Pace Email credentials (example:, you will then be able to upload your photo following the steps:

  • Log-in
  • click profile (top left)
  • Click submit new photo
  • upload/take new photo (click add photo or drag photo into place)
  • Click submit

There are a few select requirements that the photos must meet in order to get approval:

  • Headshot
  • White background
  • Color photo
  • No hats, sunglasses, or other obstructions to the photo
  • See the example photo below:

Once the photo is submitted, an Auxiliary Services Staff member will approve the photo as long as all the requirements outlined above are followed. Please keep in mind you will receive two emails from Blackboard Transact regarding your photo upload. The first email will state your photo has been successfully uploaded, and the second will state your photo has been approved.

  • All incoming students will be required to electronically upload photos prior to arriving on Pace’s campus.
  • Resident student ID’s will be provided to the housing teams prior to the move-in process. Resident students will retrieve their ID at the time of check-in from residential life.

If you are attending Orientation and you have submitted your photo online prior to the deadline of your scheduled Orientation (at least three days in advance) you will be able to pick the card up from the ID Office located in Aloysia Hall on the First Floor. To obtain an ID at any other time, please submit your photo at least three days in advance of your arrival at Pace and call our office prior to arrival to confirm your photo has been approved and schedule a time for retrieving your ID card. The ID card will be printed and given to you on the spot or preprinted before your arrival time.

Please make sure you have activated your Pace email in order to access this site.

Alumni ID Card 

A Pace Alumni ID card, with photo, is necessary to access Pace Law and Pace University campuses (including the Pace Law Library and Pace University's libraries). Access to the campus is permitted from 8:30 AM –- 11:00 PM. Facility access is valid through the academic year and is terminated automatically on August 31. Alumni may obtain an ID Card by filling out a patron information form available at the circulation desk of the Pace Law Library in the Gerber Glass Law Center and providing valid identification. Alumni must bring the completed form to the ID Office to receive the actual card.

Campus Parking Registration 

All students, faculty, staff, contract employees, and visitors must display a valid parking permit or temporary hang tag and are obligated to adhere to the University’s parking regulations (PDF) at all times while on campus. Parking is limited and obtaining a parking permit does not guarantee the availability or location of a parking space. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not a valid reason for violating Pace University’s parking regulations. Residential Parking permits expire August 31 of each academic year and must be renewed on a yearly basis. Resident students are entitled to only one registered vehicle.

To request a parking permit or appeal a citation visit the Pace University Parking Portal.