Two Haub Law Students Receive Scholarships from the Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation

February 27, 2022
Madison Shaff Kasama Star

The Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation (WWBAF) has awarded scholarships to two students at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University.

The Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship is a scholarship in honor of WWBA founding member and past President Hon. Sondra M. Miller. The foundation selects a recipient each year based on considerations including the applicant's history of community service, clinic involvement, ability to balance family and job-related responsibilities, academic record, ability to overcome personal adversity in pursuit of a legal career, and demonstrated commitment to the Westchester County community. This year, 3L Madison Shaff was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship. Susan Brown, President of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association Foundation and a proud 1987 Haub Law alumna, noted “Madison has grown scholastically and professionally throughout her time at Haub Law. She exemplifies the qualities and values espoused by Judge Sondra Miller.”

3L Madison Shaff stated, “I felt drawn to the Justice Sondra Miller scholarship as she embodies so much of what I and many others strive for – as I learned more about her trailblazing, I felt a new surge of inspiration. My goal since starting law school has been to have a positive impact on the greater Pace community, and Justice Miller reminds me to continue to dream big. I hope to take this inspiration and put it to good use once I begin my legal career here in New York. I am honored and extremely thankful that the WWBAF awarded me this scholarship.”

A second scholarship was funded this year by the WWBAF, the Justice Sondra Miller Merit Award. Second year law student, Kasama Star, was awarded this scholarship. “Kasama has achieved an amazing number of stand-out accomplishments in her two-year law school experience that promote the fair and equal treatment of all people in society, the workplace, schools and court system,” noted Susan Brown.

“I was immediately drawn to apply for a WWBAF scholarship because I greatly admire the Foundation and the work they do and felt that my personal background, experiences, and goals were a good fit. As I went through the process, I learned more about Justice Sondra Miller “firsts” – that she was among Harvard Law’s first class of women, first to be elected to the Supreme Court, Ninth Judicial District, and first to be appointed as Associate Justice, Appellate Division, Second Department. I was inspired by her blazing a trail for others. I identified with that because I am a non-traditional law student and had to face unique challenges to become “first” at many things. I also wish to accomplish many more “firsts,” as well as help others to reach their important “firsts.” I am so appreciative of the WWBAF, the work they do, and this opportunity,” stated merit scholarship recipient Kasama Star. 

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