Surrogate's Court Practice

Law 727 – Surrogate's Practice
Credits: 2 academic
Faculty: Hon. Anthony A. Scarpino Jr., Surrogate, Westchester County.
Prerequisites: None.

Students will have a unique opportunity to learn the inner workings of the Surrogate's Court through the administration of a fictional estate. The course will cover the substantive and procedural law of Probate Proceedings for testate estates, Administration Proceedings for intestate estates, and several aspects of estate administration, including the disposition of claims filed against an estate and the commencement of certain Miscellaneous Proceedings. Students will be responsible for attending lectures and drafting pleadings and/or motion papers attendant to the fictional estate. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to attend the Court's calendar calls, conferences with attorneys and litigants and, if scheduled, hearings and/or trials.

Selection Factors: Preference will be given to students who have taken Wills, Intestate Succession and Trusts or the comparable course at their law school.