Non-Traditional Student

Patricia Petrosky, '19

Studying to become an attorney is difficult and time consuming; however, here at Pace Law we recognize that our students have obligations other than their studies. Patricia is not only able to rank strongly in her class, but is a wife and mother of two young children.

While it may be arduous to for her to juggle so much, she credits her success to the accommodating and collegial atmosphere here at Pace Law. Patricia explains, “While some level of competition amongst students is evident, the overall culture of the school can be best described as a place where students, faculty, and staff are accommodating, resourceful, and respectful to one another.” Patricia especially highlights the willingness of upper level students to share their knowledge and help our underclassman in any way that they can. Through the Dean Scholar Program, all first year classes are assigned an upper level student who has completed that class with high marks, and is able to provide insight and support. Patricia has found it helpful to reach out to those students, converse substantively regarding the subject matter, and obtain tips and tricks for the class.

Upper level students are not the only ones ready and willing to help our students. Patricia was able to obtain a prestigious internship at the New York State Attorney General’s Office this past summer and credits a large portion of her success obtaining this position to the help of our Center for Career and Professional Development. Career Development staff guided Patricia throughout the application process, helped her revise her resume, and conducted several mock interviews to guarantee her preparedness. Pace Law’s collegial and community environment has been hugely beneficial to Patricia in ensuring her success, while also allowing her to support and enjoy her family!