Meet Flex JD student highlight

Andrea Grant

What brought you to law school? 

After working in the court system for many years, I realized that law is meant to be a part of my journey. Both my personal history and what I have learned while working in the court system has contributed to a personal sense of wanting and needing to give back to my community. Attending law school and becoming a lawyer is one way that I can do that.

Why did you choose Haub Law?

I chose Haub Law primarily because of its location in Westchester County. It is close to home and work for me. I am a Pace University alumna, so I knew firsthand the quality education that Pace provides. I was also attracted by the Pace Women's Justice Center. The Flex JD scheduling option solidified my decision. It allows me to still be able to work full-time, while balancing a rigorous course load.

You are a 1L, but so far, which professor has stood out to you? 

Professor McLaughlin made our first semester Civil Procedure class interesting and engaging. He challenged us, but also shared a wealth of knowledge as well as practical advice, words of wisdom, and a bit of humor.

What are your goals post-law school?

I am interested in family law, based on my work experience. Presently, I work in the Ninth Judicial District Administrative Judge's Office. Six years ago, I started working in the Westchester County Family Court. It was my experience with the Family Court that helped inspire my decision to attend law school and I see myself continuing on that path after law school. I believe that the Family Court system makes incredible strides in rehabilitating troubled youth and reuniting families. Additionally, I am interested in mental hygiene law and would like to explore that area in more depth. I was enrolled in Pace University's Mental Health Counseling Program before deciding to begin law school. I enjoyed the material and believe that mental health and the law are inseparable. Whichever path I take in my law career, I hope to keep psychology a very relevant part of my work.

Let’s talk hobbies outside of law school – what else are you interested in?

I'm a cat-mom, I like to cook, and I like to practice ballet. I also love printed books and the art that goes into making them – prior to law school I worked for a book publisher as a trade production assistant.