Savannah Bowling, '19

Pace Law offers a diverse population of students. While a large portion of that may consist of students from the local tristate area, students travel from across the nation to attend law school at Pace Law. Savannah, originally from Emerson, Georgia, was drawn to Pace Law for a multitude of reasons.

Savannah recognizes that the Pace Law campus is extremely conducive to a scholarly environment, as it is separated from the other two Pace University undergraduate campuses. This results in a quiet, secluded campus, while still affording our students the opportunity to travel into NYC or enjoy all that White Plains has to offer. Because of this synergy, Savannah finds that campus is warm, comfortable, and less distracting. Pace Law’s geographical location also allows our students to participate substantively in the legal world at large.

After completing one of her first year courses, Savannah was able to form a strong bond with one of her professors due to her frequent participation in class and shared interest in environmental law. Her professor allowed Savannah to join him at the Corporation Counsel Roundtable, a New York State regulatory meeting regarding environmental law and land use projects. Savannah helped her professor draft zoning initiatives, shared parking agreements, and plans to revitalize industrial zones while maintaining industry. Looking back, Savannah had a rewarding experience, where she felt she really made an impact on New York State environmental procedures – all thanks to the willingness of her professor to teach and include her, and the conducive nature of Pace Law.