Haub Alumni of the Month: Anthony Desiato '12

Anthony Desiato is a 2012 Haub Law Alumnus, former Director of JD Admissions and current Manager of Assessment and Advising at Haub Law, comic book and superhero aficionado, filmmaker, podcaster, husband, father, and more.

Can you briefly describe your journey to law school?

I started right after undergrad at Fordham, and I arrived at law school with a general interest in Intellectual Property, but no specific plans about what I might want to do with my degree.

Why did you choose Haub Law?

This is going to sound like I'm in Admissions mode, but the honest truth is that I came to visit for Admitted Student Day and just felt that it was the right atmosphere for me. The environment very much defied my expectations of what I thought law school would be like – stuffy, competitive, etc. It seemed like a place where I would be comfortable and thrive, and I'm happy to report that I was right.  

As a student, what was one of your most memorable experiences while at Haub Law?

Law review is definitely among my most memorable experiences. If I am being honest, a classmate sort of roped me into trying out, and I don't think I fully appreciated what a commitment it would be. It was a somewhat grueling, but ultimately worthwhile, endeavor, and I was a wiz at research and citation by the end of it.

Did you always envision an alternative career to the traditional practice of law upon graduating?

I did not originally envision a career at Haub Law as a student. However, shortly after graduating in May 2012, I started making videos for the administration on a freelance basis. Then, that fall, a full-time position in Admissions became available. Since graduation, I had been in the admissions department, most recently as the Director of JD Admissions, however, I recently started a new role at the Law School as Manager of Assessment and Advising.  

Switching gears a bit, how did your comic book interest develop?

My comic book fan "origin story" occurred in the winter of 1992, when a window display at a store in the White Plains Galleria caught my eye. They were advertising the landmark "Death of Superman" storyline. My parents bought it for me, and comics have been a major part of my life ever since.

Who is your favorite “superhero” and why?

Superman, always. At the most fundamental level, I have always been drawn to that character because, unlike many other superheroes, Superman is not driven by guilt or revenge. He is just someone trying to do the right thing because of the values his adoptive parents instilled in him.  

You also are a filmmaker, can you talk about the documentaries you have done?

During the summer after my 1L year, I found myself in need of a creative outlet and decided to grab a camera and film a documentary about my local comic shop, where I had worked for many years. It really awakened a calling in me, and I fell in love with filmmaking and nonfiction storytelling generally. I followed that up with two more human interest stories, one about a flea market vendor and another about an aspiring puppeteer. Most recently, I Kickstarted a film called My Comic Shop Country, which secured distribution in early 2020 and is currently available on Amazon, Apple TV, and Curiosity Stream. While the subject matter is comics retail, the film really taps into larger themes about perseverance and community.
Comic History

And, how did your podcasts evolve?  

Once again, my local comic shop proved to be the inspiration I needed. When the owner decided to close in 2015, I started a podcast called My Comic Shop History to chronicle the final days and relive the store's most memorable moments. I continued the show with looks at collecting behavior, conventions, and more. I cannot put into words how much I have enjoyed the art of podcasting; whether you are recording in person or remotely, there is a sense of connection during the recordings that is very powerful. I think that is why podcasts in general have caught on in such a major way. They are available on all of the major podcast platforms and I have been told that they really help pass a commute!

 What is next as far as a documentary or more podcasts?

I do have plans for my fifth documentary, though the pandemic has me in a bit of a holding pattern right now. Podcasting has been keeping me busy, though! I have launched two new ongoing series: the Superman-centric Digging for Kryptonite as well as My Comic Shop Book Club.  
Digging for

What are you favorite ways to spend your time outside of work?

Spending time with my wife and son, which I have gotten to do quite a lot of over the past year! During normal times, we enjoy going to the movies, trying new restaurants, and traveling.