Haub Alumni of the Month: The Alumni Board

Leading by Example

Recently, students in Haub Law’s Dannat Hall residence were quarantined due to positive COVID-19 cases. The Alumni Board, led by its president, Mark Meeker, responded to outreach by Student Services to connect with the students. Working closely with Student Services and the Development team at the Law School, Mark was provided with a list of all of the students living in the residence hall along with their email addresses. Mark emailed all residents, letting them know the alumni are thinking of them and then he distributed all of the names to the Alumni Board officers and committee chairs and asked them to send an email, too. Not stopping there, the Board also funded $10 gift certificates from a local vendor for each student. Student Services and Development also coordinated the creation and delivery of gift bags complete with not only the gift certificates, but a gift from the Office of Student Services on the last day of quarantine. Mark notes, “We are all part of the same Pace family. The Board wanted to let the students know that we were thinking of them and were available to encourage and help them, not just during this tough period but throughout their law school journey and beyond.”