Eric Brown '25

An Officer and a (Future) Lawyer

Eric Brown has become accustomed to balancing work, school, and responsibilities throughout his life. Eric grew up in a single parent household where his mother instilled in him the importance of an education. “My mother and grandmother’s backgrounds trace back to Puerto Rico,” said Eric. “They both worked from a very young age but were never pushed to pursue any sort of education beyond high school. After my mother finished high school and had my brother and me, she did start her college degree, but it was difficult as a single parent to continue while also working and raising two children alone. From a young age, she encouraged me to place a priority on my education.”

After Eric finished high school, he moved away from home and attended Manhattanville College while also working part-time. “I am the first to attend and graduate college in my family. After college, I also obtained my master’s degree from Seton Hall. Receiving my JD will be my third higher education degree.” Eric originally aspired to be a dentist, but quickly learned that he did not enjoy the coursework as much as he anticipated. “I was bored, but then one day I attended a job fair and met a professor who invited me to take a political science course. I fell in love
with the curriculum and decided to pursue a degree in it.”

Shortly after graduating from college, Eric took the police department exam and began a career in law enforcement. Once he decided to attend law school, Eric sought out the perfect setting for him to do that – one where he could continue his job as a police officer and further his education. Haub Law was the perfect fit with its flexible part-time program. “I have worked part-time throughout all my educational pursuits. It has allowed me to honor my upbringing, provide for myself, and my family.”

Eric acknowledges that the busy schedule of being a part-time law student along with a police officer is not without its struggles at times, but also very rewarding. “Having the experience as a police officer has been very beneficial, it allows me to see both sides of the law and view things more objectively. While I am constantly on the go, my outlook has always been positive and that anything is possible if you stay focused and humble. This is especially true if you stay confident in yourself while never being afraid to ask for help.”

For Eric, help when he needs it, has been readily available at Haub Law. “I personally love the extra support that is always given by the staff and professors here. And, my classmates are amazing, they are always willing to help one another out. The level of comradery is extraordinary.” In particular, Eric is thankful for the support he has received from the Honorable Daniel D. Angiolillo, who is the Jurist-in-Residence at Haub Law and also, Dean for Students Angie D’Agostino. “Both of these individuals have instilled so much wisdom in me and so much support. In my life, I have learned that the right people will always show up when you need it and that has proven very true here for me.”

As a part-time student, Eric is set to graduate in 2025 from Haub Law. He spent his spring 2023 semester as a judicial extern for the Honorable Adam Silvera, an Administrative Judge in the Civil Division of the New York State Supreme Court. As far as future goals, Eric is taking it one day at a time. “I really enjoy my career in law enforcement, but I can also see myself in the private sector. I try to have an open mind about the future.”