Environmental Law Review

Zach Berliner, '18

One way that law school students hone their legal writing skills is on the law review. Pace has three different law reviews for which students can write and edit:  the Pace Law Review, Pace International Law Review and the Pace Environmental Law Review.

Zach participated in the law review write-on competition after he completed his first year in law school. After demonstrating strong writing skills, Zach was accepted as a Junior Associate on the Pace Environmental Law Review. During his second year, Zach drafted and finalized his own piece of scholarly writing on a topic of his choosing, while editing other articles for publication. He was then elected to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the Environmental Review in his third year.

Zach is currently charged with leading the law review, accepting articles from scholars around the world for publication, and mentoring Junior Associates to ensure their skills are developed. He is currently pursuing post-graduation placements.