Criminal Law

Crystal Dilone, '18

Geographically speaking, Pace Law is a central hub for our students to find opportunities and experiences from a wide array of institutions. With its proximity to New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, our students are able to fully take advantage of all that the law has to offer.

Crystal has been able to do just that. While exploring her love for criminal law, Crystal has been fortunate to participate in various internships and placements including the Bronx Legal Services, the Town of Greenburgh Justice Court, and the Criminal Justice Clinic here at Pace Law. Once a student has exhibited interest and success in a particular field, Pace Law assists them in obtaining Student Practice orders, allowing them to act as a practicing attorney, under the tutelage of an attorney mentor. As a third year student, Crystal has been able to represent her own clients charged with misdemeanor offenses in the Bronx County Criminal Court.

Through this work, Crystal has participated in arraignments, submitted motions and memoranda of law, negotiated with Assistant District Attorneys, prepped for trial and advocated for her clients in court. Like so many of our students, Crystal acknowledges that her work in the clinic has given her a more rounded understanding of the law and real-life experiences which set her apart.

Crystal is looking forward to working in the area of criminal law as a trial attorney after graduation. In the meantime, Crystal explains: “The more I learn about criminal law and its procedures, the more excited and eager I become towards working to achieve justice for all.”