Pace Environmental Law Society (ELS)

The purpose of ELS is to expose students to the environmental offerings of the Pace community, to create awareness of environmental issues, and to generate involvement in local environmental activities. We organize hikes and field trips, arrange for speakers and teleconferences, and look for ways to make our world a little greener. We welcome innovative ideas, enthusiasm, and participation at whatever level each individual student can give. 

We aim to make sure that we environmental law students stay connected to why we came to law school in the first place! Learning the law is only one part of becoming an excellent environmental lawyer. ELS believes it is also essential to be involved by getting out into the woods for a hike, helping out a local environmental organization, or promoting sustainable living on campus. ELS works on a daily basis to make sure that our environmental law students not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk!  

ELS is the connection between the academic offerings of Pace's impressive environmental law curriculum and the world beyond Pace's campus, which is full of environmental issues that environmental attorneys should be fully aware of and engaged in. We are always looking for innovative ideas and enthusiasm.

Pace Law School students: For more information on ELS, sign up on TWEN. Go to "My Courses" and add ELS as one of your "classes."