U.S. News & World Report Interviews Professor Leslie Garfield about Potential Trump Lawsuit

April 15, 2016 US News and World Report
Michelle Fields, the journalist who accused Donald Trump’s campaign manager of grabbing her arm at a recent campaign rally, could have grounds for a defamation suit against both the candidate and his staffer, according to Professor Leslie Garfield.
Professor Leslie Garfield
Professor Leslie Garfield

Professor Leslie Garfield, one of the lawyers interviewed for an article published in “U.S. News & World Report,” is quoted as saying she believes the reporter could win such a case should she choose to pursue it.

“Trump saying she changed her story is even more offensive [than Lewandowski’s false denial of the grab], because through innuendo … that suggests she, in fact, is a liar,” Professor Garfield is quoted as saying. “The most troubling statement to me that would make it through to a jury is Trump saying she changed her story. … That sounds like a statement that person is a liar.”

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