Two Haub Law Students selected to participate in the 2020 Catalyst Public Service Fellowship Program

April 29, 2020 Jessica Dubuss
Catalyst Fellows

Congratulations to Alexandra Feliz and Juan Rodriguez! Alexandra and Juan were selected to participate in the prestigious 2020 Catalyst Public Service Fellowship Program. Alexandra will be working at the Legal Aid Society’s Housing Unit and Juan will be working at the New York City Law Department.

Alexandra Feliz’s first year at Haub Law has been memorable. She notes, that “coming from a large university, I’ve enjoyed the warm close-knit feel of the school. Professors and staff members have always felt accessible and easy to talk to. Most recently, the drastic changes in learning due to the COVID response have further proven our school’s determination to retain a sense of community. Playing music before class or telling daily jokes have been ways some of my professors have provided us with thoughtful sources of encouragement. Even though some days have been tougher than others, I am thankful for those professors and staff members that truly want us to succeed.”

This summer, Alexandra is excited to join the Legal Aid Society’s Housing Unit this summer. “I look forward to interacting with and assisting clients from my community in the Bronx. Furthermore, I hope to effectively apply the knowledge I’ve obtained as a first-year law student to further enhance my advocacy skills.”

Alexandra is a proud resident of the Bronx. She served as a public interest paralegal for five years before beginning law school. “Becoming an attorney was a dream that at times felt distant and unobtainable, but making it here is something that I am truly grateful for. ​When I’m not studying the law, I enjoy being a typical millennial. I am constantly trying new recipes in my tiny NYC apartment and posting pictures onto my Instagram account.”

Juan Rodriguez is currently a first-year student at Elisabeth Haub School of Law. He feels that his background and skills that he gained at Haub Law as a 1L allowed him to be chosen for the New York City Law Department’s Summer Honors Program. “I have developed strong legal research and writing skills throughout my first semester of law school. My academic strength in this area has led me to be selected for the Constance Baker Motley Mock Trial Team at Haub Law. As a member of the Mock Trial Team, I have had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of legal procedures and my attention to detail in reviewing legal writings, documents, and case analysis. I would like to give a special thanks to Professor Betty Lawrence Lewis for the help she has provided to me while working on the Mock trial team. Professor Lewis has help me grow as a law student by providing me guidance as to how to develop your craft as a lawyer when working in the court room. I would also like to thank Professor Elyse Diamond, Director for Public Service Careers in the Center for Career & Professional Development. Professor Diamond was beyond helpful in helping me with this applying to and obtaining my position at the New York City Law Department's Summers Honors Program. Professor Diamond was a great resource that I used to gain knowledge and interviewing skills for the Public Interest Fair at NYU Law this year. She was always available to review my resume and perform mock-interviews with me.”

This summer at the New York City Law Department Juan hopes that the experience will allow him the opportunity to “to grow as a student and as an individual as well. As a first generation Latin American law student, I am enthusiastic about working in an environment with a diverse group of talented professionals. I can use the skills I have gained in my first year of law school and apply them in the New York City Law Department. I recently found out that I will be working in the Tort Division for the department. I am eager to participate in trial preparation, witness interviews, depositions, and legal research and writing.”

Prior to law school, Juan received a B.S. in Business Economics, with a concentration in Financial Management and a minor in Computer Applications. He also served as a senior leader in the Federal Reserve Challenge for SUNY Cortland.

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