Rising 2L students obtain prestigious summer placements

July 9, 2019
Rising 2Ls

This summer, rising 2L, Claire McLeod, is a legal intern with The Global Justice Center. Claire applied and interviewed for the position through the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University's participation in the Public Interest Career Fair at NYU and was offered the opportunity shortly after. She is excited to spend her summer expanding her knowledge of international law and how traditional legal frameworks are used to advocate for progressive advocacy and change. Claire notes, “[t]he Global Justice Center is an incredibly successful advocate for international gender justice and reproductive rights. With threats to and limitations on women’s reproductive rights rampantly occurring in the US and globally, there is a pressing need to work towards changing laws to protect these rights.”

Claire’s motivation for pursuing law is based on her passion for environmental justice advocacy. She tries to approach environmental issues through a “social justice-orientated lens . . . that is inclusive of marginalized and underrepresented communities. Environmental issues are an intersectional topic that include not only the preservation of resources but, also, how those with marginalized identities are disproportionally excluded from accessing those resources. Therefore, my focus at Pace is at the intersection of environmental, international, and human rights law and how the law can be used to bring about meaningful change when it is made accessible to underrepresented communities.”

Alicia Stoklosa, a rising 2L, has a summer placement with Midwest Environmental Advocates in Madison, WI. She obtained her summer placement by applying through MEA’s posting on Symplicity. Alicia thanks the CCPD/PILC for their “advice on the countless cover letters I sent out, and assisting me in accepting a challenging summer placement in my preferred field of law!”

Alicia is looking forward to applying what she learned during her 1L year, “particularly in Property and Constitutional Law, to assist MEA staff attorneys in performing legal research and drafting legal memos. She is particularly interested in federal food law/policy and is working toward obtaining the environmental law certificate.


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