Professor Vanessa Merton presents on immigration law in Hastings-on-Hudson

July 16, 2018
Professor Vanessa Merton

On Wednesday, July 11, Professor Vanessa Merton presented a general introduction of immigration law and practice to the Democratic Party Village Committee of Hastings-on-Hudson NY, with several public officials in attendance.  The presentation was followed by lengthy and robust discussion of recent developments such as the seizure of children from their detained immigrant parents and subsequent deportation of parents without their children; the elimination of domestic violence and gang target grounds for asylum; the automatic placement into removal proceedings of immigrants whose applications for lawful status are denied, even they are entitled to re-apply; the politicization of the Immigration Courts; and the burgeoning growth of the immigration bar as Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, and the states of New York and California ramp up free public defense programs for immigrants. 

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