Professor Randy McLaughlin on Labor Department’s Investigation of Google

April 10, 2017 CBS News
Professor McLaughlin provides expert commentary about a recent federal suit against Google.
Professor Randy McLaughin
Professor Randy McLaughin speaks to CBS News

The Department of Labor is investigating the tech giant for gender pay discrimination.

At a court hearing Friday,  a Labor Department official said the agency found “systemic compensation disparities against women” at Google.

The government sued Google in January, demanding statistics on employee compensation. Federal contractors are required to comply with federal civil rights law. The government says Google was selected randomly for an audit and refused to hand over data despite repeated requests.

“They run the risk of losing all their federal contracts — that’s a significant punishment,” says attorney Randolph McLaughlin, who teaches labor law at Pace Law School. “To be accused in this day in age of paying hundreds of thousands of women across the board at a lower rate, that significantly has the potential to damage the brand.”

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