Professor Pollans says Healthy Food Production More Than Deciding on a Label

May 20, 2016 Slate
In an article that she wrote for, Professor Margot Pollans argues that both the current debate about food labeling and the effort on the part of the FDA to define the term “natural” approach an important issue from the wrong perspectives.
Professor Margot Pollans
Professor Margot Pollans' commentary was included in Slate

An expert in the field of food law, Professor Pollans calls for a broader examination of food production before deciding what is healthy for both consumers and the environment.

“The difference between natural and unnatural, like the difference between organic and conventional and GMO and GMO-free, is, itself, meaningless,” she argues. “These labels provide very little information either about how healthy the product is or about the size of its environmental footprint. Instead, these labels create opportunities for food producers to take advantage of the subset of consumers willing to pay more for perceived benefits.”

Professor Pollans’ article was also referenced in a column in the “New York Times” that explores the issue. 

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