Professor Griffin Appears on Bloomberg Law to Discuss Case before SCOTUS

October 10, 2016 Bloomberg News
Professor Lissa Griffin appeared on Bloomberg Law to discuss the legal concept of “double jeopardy” and whether it applies to the first case scheduled for the new term of the United States Supreme Court, Bravo-Fernandez v. United States.
Professor Lissa Griffin
Professor Lissa Griffin

The case, which involves a former Puerto Rico senator and a prominent businessman, asks whether the government can try two men for exchanging a bribe when an earlier jury had already decided they did not travel to commit a bribe and did not conspire to commit a bribe.

“Double jeopardy attaches when the jury is sworn in a jury trial but double jeopardy would prevent this retrial if there is a common issue that the acquittal decided in the defendant’s favor…Does the fact that there was a conviction that was vacated change that rule?” Professor Griffin is quoted a saying.

Listen to the program. 

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