Professor Garfield Talks Privacy Protection with Social Media

March 4, 2016
Professor Leslie Garfield discussed the legal issues of a recent situation where school officials pressured a teacher to resign after a student accessed and distributed personal photos from the teacher’s cell phone.
Professor Leslie Garfield
Professor Leslie Garfield

The incident, which occurred at a high school in South Carolina, raises questions of privacy and Fourth Amendment protection.

“This is an unfortunate case, just like revenge porn, or the case of Lori Drew, the mother who catfished a young girl, resulting in the girl’s suicide, where it just seems wrong, but the law does not protect the ‘victim,’” Professor Garfield is quoted as saying in an article that appears on “First Amendment speech and privacy rights are huge challenges where social media is concerned and the law has yet to reconcile individual protection of those who are victims of revenge porn or the like against the constitutional protection of the perpetrators.”

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