Professor Czarnezki Calls for FDA to Define “Natural”

May 20, 2016 Time magazine
Professor Jason Czarnezki, executive director of the environmental law program, addressed the need for a clear definition of “natural” when referring to food and food production.
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In “Time” magazine, Professor Czarnezki and author Paul Greenberg published an article calling on the FDA to standardize the term.

“For anyone with a deep, enduring faith in the meaning of nature, it may come as something of a shock to learn that the word “natural” means nothing at all—at least when it comes to the business of marketing processed food,” reads one passage of their article. The complete article can be read here.

Professor Czarnezki was also quoted on the topic for a column in “The New York Times” that explores the efforts of the FDA to settle on a definition and its application to the food industry.

A passage of the column reads: “Mr. Czarnezki said it is up to the agency to help consumers make sense of all the confusion.

‘Even the most educated consumer can’t know what the word means,’ he said.”

The “Time” magazine article also became the springboard for commentary on the website Additionally, Professor Czarnezki’s quote for the “New York Times” column was requoted in an article that appears in “Glamour” magazine 

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