Pace Pre-Law Certificate Program Students Visit Haub Law

August 2, 2018
Pace Pre-Law Certificate Program Students

On July 18, 2018, the Elisabeth Haub School of Law hosted seven students from the newly launched Pace Pre-Law Certificate Program (PPCP). The launch of the PPCP was a collaborative effort created by Cecilia Caldeira, Director of Graduate Law Programs and Dr. John Meletiadis, Assistant Dean of the Center for Global Business Programs at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. The students recently concluded the three-week program, which took place from July 9-27, 2018. The Program, based on Pace University’s campus in the City, is a comprehensive certificate program for aspiring lawyers who would like to practice in the United States.

Participants in the program gain experience through approximately 45 hours of in-class lectures, visits to law firms and courtrooms, law school application guidance, audits of actual law school classes, and guest speakers from various legal and business fields. PPCP students will get a head start on the essentials of legal study, explore diverse fields within the legal profession, have the opportunity to build their resume, and gain an advantage over other law school applicants. Members of the Haub Law faculty and staff have also participated in the program, providing an overview of the law school experience. The Program is ideal for a variety of audiences, especially undergraduate sophomores and juniors enrolled in U.S. higher education institutions considering applying to law school, international students in undergraduate law programs abroad interested in a U.S.-based LLM program, foreign-trained students or attorneys who are interested in learning more about U.S. Law, paralegals who are considering applying to a U.S.-based law school, and many others who meet the application requirements.

Dr. John Meletiadis notes that, “[t]he Pre-Law Certificate Program provides an excellent pre-view of law school. The program consists of a broad overview of law school courses and invaluable legal experiences for participants. This year’s students ranged from those who were uncertain about whether to attend law school, to those who wanted to prepare for it or figure out what type of law to specialize in. By all accounts the students are finding the experience to be an invaluable investment which is exceeding their expectations.”

You can read more about the Pace Pre-Law Certificate Program (PPCP), application requirements, the program curriculum, and more by clicking here

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