Nominate Haub Law for a Cy Pres Award

November 15, 2020
Haub Law

Cy près awards are an important way to advance the interests of potential class members or honor the intentions of a deceased donor when complete dispersal of an award or trust is not feasible. Through cy près awards, litigators and judges can provide a collective, continuous benefit to the public interest.

The Elisabeth Haub School of Law is home to the top-ranked environmental law program in New York -- and one of the top three in the nation -- and also a first-rate clinical education program, so it is ideally situated to carry out the intended effects of settlements or trusts in areas of environmental law, sustainable and healthy regional food systems, access to justice, immigration, mediation, and investor rights, as well as to promote professional education.

By training future leaders in environmental law and by using our clinics to provide low-income members of the community with otherwise unavailable legal representation, cy près gifts directed to Haub Law provide exponential impact.

Areas of Impact:

Environmental Law: Since 1978, Haub Law has been internationally acclaimed for its outstanding environmental law program. Our dedicated faculty serve as national and world leaders in the field, while educating dozens of top environmental law students each year to be the next generation of leaders. Our alumni work in government environmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, law firms, corporations, and law schools and universities across the country and around the world.

Clinics: Haub Law is home to strong clinical programs that allow students to gain direct experience as attorneys practicing under the careful supervision of clinic attorneys. Haub Law offers clinical programs in environmental protection, sustainable and healthy regional food systems, criminal defense, immigration, mediation, and investor rights. In these clinics, student interns represent clients who otherwise could not obtain legal assistance, in both litigation and transactional matters. Haub Law has already received a cy près award for its Investor Rights Clinic.

Cy près funds allow us to continue and expand this vital work. Help us continue to make a real impact! Click here to learn more about our Environmental Law Program, and here to learn more about our clinical programs.

If you have any questions, need documents or information, or are interested in designating the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University as a cy près award recipient, please contact Development Director Arianne Andrusco at

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