Immigration Justice Clinic Celebrates Notable Accomplishments

December 19, 2017 Press Release
Immigration  Justice Clinic Attorneys Outside the Courthouse

The Immigration Justice Clinic has had several major achievements in November and December. The Clinic is happy to announce that  two outstanding Student Attorneys, Erin Novak and Alejandro Mendez-Novoa, successfully concluded a two-day merits hearing in NYC Immigration Court and prevented the removal of their clients, a mother and son who had contacted the Clinic for assistance. The case was resolved extremely favorably with a full grant of asylum and a waiver of appeal rights by Homeland Security. Congratulations to Alejandro and Erin!

Additionally, alumna and Immigration Justice Clinic post-graduate fellow Kristin Jung ’17 made her first argument at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit this November. Kristin made compelling arguments, concisely explaining the complex immigration regulations that ought to have provided the Clinic’s client with true due process. She cited both law and equity and appealed to the Court to hold the government to the same stringent standards that immigrants are expected to meet. Kristin’s co-counsel Emily Bendaña collaborated in producing both the main and reply briefs and preparing for the argument by mooting in role as the government lawyer. Emily also took the lead in managing the multiple layers of required record organization and document submission that make a Circuit Court Petition for Review so challenging.

Professors McDonnell and Merton and the Immigration Justice Clinic participated in the research and mooting of this difficult case. Congratulations Kristin and Emily. Whatever the outcome, the Clinic’s client and his family will know that the Clinic fought to keep them together for as long as possible.

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