Haub Law students assist National Guard with COVID-19 pandemic

April 13, 2020 Jessica Dubuss, Director, Alumni Communications
Matthew Bayley and Anthony Honorowski

Haub Law Students Matthew Bayley and Anthony Honorowski both serve in the National Guard. Currently, amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, both Anthony and Matthew are actively assisting the National Guard.

Matthew enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2016 as an Officer Candidate and currently serves in the New York National Guard as a First Lieutenant. He is now serving in upstate NY as an Officer in Charge as part of the NY National Guard’s COVID-19 mission. Matthew notes he thinks “service is important at all times, not just during a crisis. However, I cannot think of another time (besides 9/11) when the entire country has been more affected. I want to thank my Soldiers for putting their health and safety at risk during this COVID-19 mission. I see firsthand the long hours, sacrifices, and the hard work that they are putting in to ensure that locations throughout New York State are receiving necessary supplies to survive. It is truly an honor to serve alongside them as their Officer in Charge.”

Matthew is balancing both law school and his service with the National Guard. “The Haub Law administration has been nothing short of fantastic before and during the current circumstances. When I heard that my unit would be supporting the COVID-19 mission, I contacted the school administration and my professors. Everyone was extremely accommodating, which put my mind at ease that I would still be able to learn, receive credit for this semester, and serve effectively during my activation.” Matthew is scheduled to graduate with his JD from Haub Law in May 2021.

Anthony joined the National Guard in 2013. Anthony notes that one of the main reasons he joined the National Guard was to serve his country. He is currently serving in Pennsylvania.

Anthony notes that he believes “in times like these the most important thing a person can do is support their community anyway they can. It is important to put individual needs to the side and do what is best for the greater good.”

As far as the transition to remote student and active service in the National Guard, Anthony comments that “Haub Law has been great. All the faculty have been incredibly understanding about my service. Furthermore, the student body is also an extraordinary group. The campus is overall very welcoming and supportive. Since the current situation started the faculty has done a great job at transitioning to online classes. The administration has also done an excellent job to listen and address the concerns of the student body. I have personally found that the administration and faculty have also done an excellent job in making sure I am able to balance both law school and my commitment to the National Guard. I am incredibly grateful for the support I have received from the entire Haub Law Community during this time.”

Anthony is scheduled to graduate with his JD from Haub Law in 2022. Recently, Anthony has volunteered to reenlist for an additional 2 years. Anthony notes that he will train to become a Combat Medic, as there is currently a shortage.

We are honored and proud to have Matthew and Anthony as part of the Haub Law community.

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