Haub Law statement supporting racial and social justice

June 17, 2020
Preston Hall

Haub Law mourns all victims of police brutality and racially motivated violence. We stand in solidarity with those protesting for justice for Black and marginalized peoples. We seek reform of racially biased systems of justice and law enforcement, and we condemn the individuals responding to these protests with further violence. As long-time advocates of fairness, equality and justice, we know that those goals are inseparable from racial justice in all areas of society. Primary among these is the right for all people to live their lives without fear, and to have access to America’s promise. Haub Law, in coordination with all of our allies, alumni, government and law enforcement partners, and community members, will continue to advocate for justice in our work, while listening to and learning from Black, indigenous and people of color. We will respect each other’s perspectives and empathize with each other’s struggles. We will do what Haub Law has always done -- use the law as a powerful tool to pursue social change. And we will hold ourselves accountable to identify and respond to systemic racism and bias within our own lives, work and institution.

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