Haub Law Announces New Book by Criminal Justice Expert Ben Gershman

February 12, 2018 Press Release
Professor Ben Gershman

Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law (Haub Law) announces the publication of a new book by Professor Bennett Gershman. As a former prosecutor and noted expert on prosecutorial and judicial ethics, Professor Gershman includes cases, anecdotes, and experiences that show how prosecutors use—or misuse—their extraordinary power to convict wrongdoers and vindicate the criminal law system. "Prosecution Stories" describes how the 50,000 federal, state, and local prosecutors nationwide make critical decisions every day: whom to reward, whom to punish, and how much to punish. These decisions are momentous and affect the lives of thousands of Americans.

“Professor Gershman is one of the founding members of Haub Law’s faculty, a renowned expert on criminal law, and a strong advocate for impartiality and justice,” said Dean David Yassky. “His book, ‘Prosecution Stories’ will help contribute to understanding the important role that  prosecutors play in the criminal justice system and in seeking justice.”

“I wrote this book in part because I felt it was important to try to show that the prosecutor is the most powerful official in American government,” said Professor Ben Gershman. “And that power can be used or misused within the criminal law system. I hope that the stories in this book will help provide a better understanding of a prosecutor’s duty to provide justice.”

Professor Ben Gershman is one of the original faculty members at Haub Law and has taught as a visiting professor at Cornell Law School and Syracuse Law School. While in private practice, he specialized in criminal defense litigation. A former prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for six years, he is the author of numerous articles as well as two books on prosecutorial and judicial ethics. He served for four years with the Special State Prosecutor investigating corruption in the judicial system. He is one of the nation’s leading experts on prosecutorial misconduct. He is active on several Bar Association committees, and is a frequent pro bono litigator. Professor Gershman has taught in the London Law Program, and was named James D. Hopkins Professor for the 2007–2009 academic years.

"Prosecution Stories" is available from Carolina Academic Press.

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